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Will LG Put Lives Of Students In Danger ?


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DC Samba is shifting Degree College from Raria To Ramgarh International Border

Nirmala Devi Sarpanch Panchayat Rarian, Block Ramgarh has condemned the decision of district administration Samba to shift the location for construction of Degree College from Revenue Rakh Rara, Panchayat Rarian, Block Ramgarh to Ramgarh Border arbitrarily.

Speaking to “Samarkand Express” Nirmala Devi expressed astonishment over the mala fide attention of district administration for issuing an order to shift earlier sanctioned Degree College to be constructed at Panchayat Rarian to Ramgarh Border.

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Alleging the advertent attempt to cause a rift between the two villages of the same Panchayat, Sarpanch called it as gimmick of some vested interests particularly land mafia to divest an area of College facility which doesnot has the requisite educational institution particularly for College standard.

Whereas, the reality is that Ramgarh area where College is ordered to be shifted is under constant security threat due to heavy shelling from Pakistan.

Pertinent to mention here is that government has already constructed bunkers there and in case College is shifted there, which parents would allow their children to go for during shelling which is a routine affair.

Nirmala Devi further disclosed that she had written a letter to DC Samba and Div Com, Jammu stating there in unlawful shifting of Degree College.

It is worth to watch how LG Manoj Sinha would put lives of students in danger.

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