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Hyderabad encounter of four accused


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Hyderabad Encounter
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hyderabad encounter
hyderabad encounter

The Hyderabad encounter of four accused in a rape and brutal murder case was an outcome of public anger against the gruesome crime. All four accused in the rape-and-murder case of a 25- year-old woman veterinarian near Hyderabad last month were killed in an exchange of fire with police on Friday morning. The rape and murder of the woman had caused widespread outrage and anger. There is a feeling that those who commit inhuman crimes should be given harsh punishment. The incident had created palpable anger among the people of the country and result of that has come out as an encounter, the simple logic one can believe. But encounters are the expected way of dealing where police knows they are going with people’s sentiment and rape incidents are to be dealt in the same way. There is also no denial of the fact that justice deliverance in such cases in fact of setting fast trail court had remained not that fast as expected. The police version is clear that the accused tried to snatch weapons and in retaliation they opened fire in which the four accused died. So far so good, the whole story has a ripe plot for cinema-style ending with lot of suspense and thrill and at the end justice is delivered in Singham style. The last month’s brutal incident of rape could have happened anywhere and the police there would have been under pressure to solve the crime and bring the offenders to book. Had the accused escaped from the custody, police would have been under tremendous pressure. The incident has happened during inquiry and it needs to be defended. There is no exaggeration police acted according to the situation. Some where we lack in fast tracking justice deliverance which to some extent had encouraged the rise in heinous crimes especially against women and children. Though the rape and killing are two different incidents and police action besides being in compliance with provisions of law is in self -defence and not a punishment for the crime. The incident had led to widespread

outrage and recalled the horrors of the December 16, 2012 gangrape and murder of a physiotherapy intern in Delhi.
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