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“Sada Nikka Sardar Sahab…”: Sahib Singh becomes British Brand Burberry Children’s first Sikh model


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(The brand’s page has been overtaken by the four-year-old Sardar kid.)

S.E.News: Burberry has been garnering all the praise across the world as it featured a Sikh kid model in its shoot for ‘back-to-school designs from the latest ‘Burberry Children collection.’ The picture immediately became a hit on social media. It received an outpouring amount of support and comments from members of the Indian community.

The pictures, which have now gone viral, feature a Punjabi boy with a patka wearing a Burberry jacket. The brand as gained the praise of the whole South Asian community thanks to the viral pictures.

After only a few hours, the post reached the top of the likes list, vastly improving Burberry’s visibility and reach. Nicki Minaj, Lewis Hamilton, Michael B. Jordan, and many other celebrities who have been posed on the brand’s page have been overtaken by the four-year-old Sardar kid.

Lauding the British clothing brand for the inclusivity and representation of the Sikh community, entrepreneur and influencer Harjinder Singh Kukreja tweeted: “Burberry features a Sikh kid model to endorse clothing for ‘back-to-school designs from the new #BurberryChildren collection’. This is a giant leap for representation because Sikh kids who do wear a patka (Sikh head covering for young boys) need to feel seen and acknowledged.”

The cute little Sardar featured in the latest ‘Burberry Children collection’ is Sahib Singh.

Four-year-old Sahib is going viral for his latest modeling campaign. Young Singh, as netizens like to call him, has become the first-ever patka-wearing model for Burberry.

The collection of back-to-school designs sees London-based Singh — who is signed with agency South Coast Kidz — In just a few hours since it was posted online, the image has been the subject of multiple shares, with an outpouring of support and comments from members of the South Asian community. “The feedback has been beyond heartening. We are still trying to comprehend how big this has gotten! The South Asian community has pulled out all the stops to shower love on our little Singh,” adds his father, Ranjeet Singh. This positive response isn’t just about one image, but what it represents, and the message it sends out. One that is about reveling in the differences that make us unique, and owning where we come from. “We want not just Sahib but all the boys in our community to be proud of their heritage, and wear their patkas and paghs with pride and confidence,” adds Kaur. 

Burberry has cast four-year-old Sahib Singh as its first-ever Sikh model. The British luxury fashion brand that released its new Children’s Autumn-Winter 2022 campaign this week featured Singh wearing a padded puffer jacket with a matching cardigan, shorts, and T-shirt.

Sahib’s mum Harjot Kaur, who runs his Instagram account, told Vogue India: “Sahib had an incredible day with the Burberry team, who really looked after all the children they were shooting with.

“To see our son, who does look different from his peers, being given a chance by the iconic British brand was truly a milestone moment.”

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