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None invading Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar could survive beyond the 153rd day !


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Come June 6 and nobody will be able to forget the destructions of the sacred shrine of Shri Darbar Sahib carried out by the enemies of mankind. Year after year, the memories of such destruction keep coming back to us. Annals of history are full of evidence that whoever attacked Sri Harmandar Sahib or got invaded, could not live beyond the 153rd day.

1. Massa Ranghar attacked Harmandir Sahib on 3rd of August 1740. He was killed by Bhai Sukha Singh and Mahtab Singh on the 2nd of January, 1741. In this way, Massa Ranghar could not survive beyond the 153rd day.

2. The second incident is of 13th November, 1748 when Yahya Khan invaded Sri Harmandir Sahib. He was killed by the Sikhs on 13th April 1749. He too got killed on the 153rd day.

3. The third incident is of 18th, January 1757 when Yahiya Khan invaded Sri Darbar Sahib. He too was murdered by Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Lehna Singh and could not live beyond the 153rd day.

4. In the fourth incident, Ahmed Shah Abdali attacked Sri Darbar Sahib on 5th February,1762. He also died on the 153rd day when a brick hit him on 8th July 1762.

5. The fifth incident is about India’s late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at whose orders, preparations started for attacking Sri Darbar Sahib, on June 1, 1984. On the 153rd day, on 31-10-1984, Indira Gandhi was also killed by her bodyguards, Bhai Beant Singh and Bhai Satwant Singh.

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