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No religion, No Caste, Only Humanity: The man injured by Leopard in Jammu was rushed to the Hospital by two Sikh youths


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Humanity comes always first this what we are being always taught by our elders and teachers in school is proved by two Sikh Youths in Jammu. The Incident of Leopard attack is big proof of that we are one. At this crucial time when the injured man was not even able to stand, suddenly a Sikh youth passes by he immediately stopped the motorcycle and injured person was made to sit on his motorcycle and another Sikh youth sat behind him to maintain his balance and they rushed to the hospital. This is the great symbol of Humanity.

As per reports, Today, the panic started after receiving information that a cub of a leopard had been spotted roaming in the Green Belt Park area of Gandhi Nagar, Jammu and Ganga Ram resident of Nanak Nagar who was seriously injured in his face by a fierce leopard on the loose which the Wildlife Department officials managed to capture alive in Green Belt Park area of posh Gandhi Nagar area.

The Sikh Community Keeps Doing What It Does Right, Serves The People Selflessly. From langar Sewa to free ambulance service to provide medicines at a subsidized rate, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Sikh community has shown their community spirit

Also The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has reportedly organised a philanthropic initiative they called ‘langar on wheels’ to feed all those looking for a decent meal during in pandemic.

Even though the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, lack of income and dwindling finances have pushed people into a state of deep despair and distress.

To ensure that no one sleeps on an empty stomach, estimated thousands of people living on the streets, railways stations, bus stands, rain shelters and pavements will be served food daily.

Also when the lockdown was announced by the government of India, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has offered the ‘Serai’ (inn) at the Gurdwara Sahib Majnu Ka Tilla to set up isolation wards and quarantine facilities to treat those affected by coronavirus.

Today’s act of kindness by two Sikh youth hereby proves that all human beings are equal. “We are sons and daughters of Waheguru, the Almighty”. Sikhs have to treat all peoples of the world on an equal footing. No gender, racial, social, etc discrimination is allowed. This is the message of Guru Nanak Sahab Ji as taught by the 10 Sikh Masters during the period 1469 to 1708.

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