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Enormous And Unprecedented Scale Of Corruption In J&K NCC


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LG, Anti- Corruption Bodies Need To Take Action

By Sandeep Singh

Controversy and corruption charges ranging from exploiting scheduled caste employees, harassing women, receiving kickbacks from contractors, misuse of official position and favoritism in appointments/promotions cloud J&K NCC in the trouble-torn state.

According to reliable sources, NCC Directorate J&K, figures in a few last position in the national tally, when it comes to rating its performance despite receiving best of the support from the UT (State) as well from the centre. “Our Directorate has been keeping the last position in the national level competition as if it were monopoly of NCC Group Headquarter Jammu,” said the sources.

The sources further said that it was due to the independent command and lackadaisical attitude of the Group Commander and the Training Officer posted in the NCC in addition to the supply of substandard materials to the cadets. Some of its officials in the past and present are alleged to be on the pay role of the contractors supplying equipment’s including uniforms, refreshment and kits for the cadets.

It is alleged that officials who are involved in this racket enjoy the patronage of the higher officials in the NCC Directorate, New Delhi, especially Col. Jagat Singh who is the coordinator of NCC Directorate, New Delhi and PMO for dealing the cases of corruption.

During the course of investigation by Samarkand Express Team it was revealed that one Sen Asstt (Smt. Saroj Jamwal) of NCC Directorate Jammu was so much harassed by the ADG that she lost her baby due to pre-mature delivery. The victim is running from pillar to post to get justice but DG NCC Delhi is silent and the accused officer is retiring on 31-Jan-2021. This is the height of harassment to women at work place.

Another startling fact that comes to light is that scheduled caste employees are exploited by the Training Officer and Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarters Jammu. One will be surprised to know the case of Sunil Kumar, a scheduled Caste employee of the NCC Group Headquarter, Jammu was not allowed to work a single day in the office but was forced to work at the residences of officers for the last Nine Years. When the poor class 4th employee refused to do menial work at the residence of Brig. Satish Kumar, he was attached at the Poonch office which is 300 KM away from his home in Jammu. The case is lying with the office of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, New Delhi. It is worthwhile to see how the Commission takes note of this issue.

Similarly, another class 4th employee who refused to do menial works at the residences of these officers was also transferred to Poonch but he approached the Honorable High Court of J&K and got the transfer order stayed.

Class 4th employees are compelled to go courts, Govt. exchequer is wasted on litigation unnecessary. No one is there to bell the Cat. The wrong information is being sent to DG NCC, New Delhi. Social activists, advocates and SC organizations have demanded probe complaints of this whole scam.

During our in depth investigations much more came to surface. Two contractors viz Bhushan Prasher and Sourab Panchaliya have allegedly gave crores of rupees to ADG and NCC Group Headquarters  Jammu as commission for getting the tenders. Mr. Bhushan has been getting the tenders for the last 15 years. Mr. Sourabh is said to be the relative of PA to ADG.

From April 2020 to till date NCC directorate J&K has got Rs 30 crores as office expenditure from the UT of JK and centre and looted the funds in the name of buillding constructions through these contractors.

Corruption has not plagued NCC J&K today but it also did Yesterday.

When the whole world was on lockdown due to Covid-19 NCC J&K was conducting camps. In 2009 and 2010, when Kashmir was burning and shut down by the stone palters, NCC Directorate J&K conducted the camps on papers only.

A Col. (Retd.) on the condition of anonymity said that violations of rules is very common in NCC Group Headquarters Jammu. A class 4th employee who died in 2003 was basically from Himachal Pardesh, throwing all the norms of SRO-43 to wind, his son was appointed as a Junior Asst. thus, setting the crude example of 

“Patwari Kaa Beta Tehsildar Baan Gyaa.”

Not only this, the said Junior Asst. was simultaneously promoted to Head Asst. without any Assistant Secretariat Class. These so called Head clerks were getting the promotions by pulling the right string in NCC Directorate J&K.

Our sources in NCC Directorate, New Delhi revealed that corruption in NCC  is not limited to JK only but has plagued the other states too. In one such case, Col. Shah Ji John Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarters Guntur, Andhra Pradesh was the Chairman of Unit Run Canteen with an annual turnover of near Rs 45 crores. The officer dealt with dealers directly ignoring the quality and popular brands of groceries. He was also in direct contact with liquor dealers.

He carried out this practice for two years i.e 2018 to June 2020. Col. John was thickly involved in misappropriation and writing off as losses due to breakages. The matter was reported by the CSD Manager to all concerned including the Chief of Army Staff and DG NCC, New Delhi. Court of Inquires were ordered every now and then but Col. Shah Ji used his influence to getaway.

DG NCC Court of Inquiry convening order copies were not made available to essential prosecution witnesses. Convening order was modified by the Court to help the accused and essential documentary evidences burnt down by the officer recorded in CCTV. Bank account transaction in the Officers saving account obtained by the prosecution witness clearly shows misappropriation and deposit of funds by the dealers. The Group Commander tried to influence the CSD Manager Shri Nivas Rao through mobile/whats Calls.

Mobile calls recorded by the Manager prove beyond doubt about the complexity of the officer, trying to influence the CSD Manager. Whats App messages directing the Manager to demand only few particular brands ignoring the popular brands shows his involvement in favoring the selected few dealers. Call records and record of messages maintained by the CSD Manager …..  a CD prepared and forwarded by the Manager to all concerned along with the complaint but no concrete action taken against the accused officer clearly shows the hollowness of the DG NCC Organization.

Infect, NCC has become a White Elephant for superseded Army Officers who are posted to NCC and loot the Cadets Money.

Sources in NCC Directorate, New Delhi told “Samarkand Express Team” that a senior clerk from NCC Group Headquarters, Jammu has filed the complaint of corruption before PMO. It is worthwhile to watch how PMO takes stern action against the corrupt officers.

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