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Conspiracy For Defaming Sikh Community


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Damdami Taksal sees conspiracy behind large scale positive testing of pilgrims returned from Hazoor Sahib

Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma, who heads the Sant Samaj as well as Damdami Taksal, has said that a big conspiracy was working behind defaming of Sikh community and historic Sikh shrines under the garb of Sikh pilgrims being projected as positive for coronavirus. He has termed the negative propaganda being aired against Sikhs as an unfortunate one.

“All the pilgrims were tested thrice during their almost 40 days stay at Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib. Neither any pilgrim tested positive nor any one of them showed symptoms of Covid-19 then how come they tested positive in Punjab,” said Dhumma while adding that the Punjab government was trying to hide its failure by airing negative propaganda against Sikhs as the whole arrangement for bringing back these pilgrims was done by the Central and Punjab government.

“The Punjab government’s move of sending the pilgrims to local premises of Radha Soami cult and other non-Sikh organizations despite availability of rest houses in all Gurdwaras is enough to back apprehension about government’s conspiracy behind it,” he said.

Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma has said that this was an attempt of anti-Sikh powers to divert attention of the entire world from the charity work being done by the Sikhs globally.

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